Israel ishaka iki mu Bumwe bwa Afurika?

Radio RFI ivuga ko Israel yifuza kwinjira mu Muryango wa African Union Umuryango wa Afurika yunze Ubumwe ubusanzwe uhuza gusa ibihugu byo ku mugabane wa Afurika.

Ibihugu ndwi byo ku mugabane wa Afrika biheruka kwandikira ibaruwa ukuriye umuryango w’ubumwe bwa Afrika  bimumenyesha ko bitemera na gato umwanzuro yihereranye wo kwemerera igihugu cya Israel ko kinjira muri uwo muryango nk’igihugu ngo cy’indorerezi!!!!!!!!!!

Algerie, kimwe mu ri ibyo bihugu birindwi byandikiye  Moussa Faki uyoboye umuryango w’ubumwe bwa Afrika, yagiriza uwo mutegetsi mukuru w’uwo muryango gufata umwanzuro atabanje kuvugana n’abo bireba bose mu kwemera ko igihugu cya Israel kiba igihugu ndorerezi muri uwo muryango.

Icyo gihugu cya Algerie cyaba cyarashoboye kwumvisha bimwe mu bihugu rutura bigize umuryango w’ubumwe bwa Afrika nka : Afrika y’Epfo, Tunisie, Libye, Niger,Mauritanie, Egypte, Comores hamwe na Djibouti  ko amategeko n-amabwirizwa  agenga uwo muryango yishwe mu kwemerera Israel kubinjirana muri uwo muryango.

Tuributsa abasomyi ba Afrique la 1è ko igihugu cya Israel kigeze koko kuba  igihugu cy’indorerezi mu muryango w’ubumwe bwa Afrika  icyo gihe witwaga OUA ˮorganisation de l’unité Africaine ‟ ni mbere y’uko uhindura izina ukitwa UA ˮUnion Africaine‟ hari mu mwaka w-2002.

Nta Israel nta Amerika.Kwemerera Israel kwinjira no guhoza ijisho n’ugutwi ku byo Umuryango wa Afurika yunze ubumwe ukora byose,ababikurikirana hafi bavuga ko ari ukwinjirirwa na Amerika binyuze ku mwana wayo bwite Israel.Israel kandi ntiba ku mugabane wa Afurika kandi ntacyo ipfana nayo.

Ubu busabe no kwemererwa kwa Israel kwinjira muri AU byatumye ibihugu bya Afurika bishwana,ku buryo bimwe byavuze ko Israel niyinjiramo,byo bizawusohokamo burundu.

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