Kagame’s Nominated Ambassador to the UK, Johnston Busingye, Might Seek Asylum in Britain If He Is Not Received by the Queen Soon (Satire ?)

David Himbara

David Himbara

Pity Johnston Busingye, the man General Paul Kagame shipped off to the UK to become Rwanda’s ambassador. Kagame had just dumped Busingye from his post of Minister for Injustice because Busingye accidentally revealed that Kagame had flawlessly hijacked Paul Rusesabagina from Dubai to Kigali.

Here come the British parliamentarians who have recommended to the UK government not only to reject Busingye but to also sanction him because he is a kidnapper and torturer.

Imagine what happens to poor Busingye if he is rejected by the British and returns to Rwanda to face his boss. Kagame will blame him for the whole mess and severely punish him, including the possibility of making Busingye even disappear.

That is why Busingye might seek asylum in the UK if his ambassadorship is rejected – facing Kagame back in Kagame’s Republic is likely to be deadly.

Stay tuned.

By David Himbara,read more here.

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