“Uko Bakuraho Ubutegetsi bw’Igitugu Hadakoreshejwe Intwaro”: Ingabire Victoire na RIB hasi hejuru.

Umunyapolitike utavuga rumwe na Leta y’u Rwanda Ingabire Umuhoza Victoire aravuga ko ibyo inzego z’iperereza mu Rwanda zirega abayoboke b’ishyaka rye DALFA- Umurinzi ritaremerwa n’amategeko bidashoboka.

Kuri uyu wa Kane, urwego rushinzwe ubugenzacyaha mu Rwanda (RIB) rwatumije uyu munyapolitike gutanga ibisobanuro bifitanye isano n’ifungwa rya bamwe mu bayoboke be, bafatanywe n’umunyamakuru Theoneste Nsengimana uyobora ikinyamakuru Umubavu TV gikorera kuri Murandasi.

Ingabire Victoire yabwiye Ijwi ry’Amerika ko ibyaha yabajijwe na RIB, byo kuba abayoboke be barafatiwe mu bikorwa bigamije guhirika ubutegetsi buriho batabishobora avuga ko nta ntwaro bagira.

Urwego rw’Ubugenzacyaha mu Rwanda ruvuga ko abafashwe baba barakoze amahugurwa ashingiye ku gitabo cyitwa ‘Uko Bakuraho Ubutegetsi bw’Igitugu Hadakoreshejwe Intwaro’, nkuko Ingabire Victoire yabitangarije ijwi ry’Amerika.

Ingabire yasobanuye ko abafashwe bose uko ari 6 bafashwe mbere y’umunsi umwe ngo bizihizwe umunsi witiriwe Ingabire Day. Uyu munsi washyizweho n’abamushyigikiye mu 2016 ugamije kugira ngo bajye bamuzirikana. Avuga ko uyu munsi usanzwe wizihizwa, kandi ntawe ubangamira.

Urwego rushinzwe Ubugenzacyaha mu Rwanda RIB, ruherutse kubwira Ijwi ry’Amerika ko abo batawe muri yombi taliki ya 13 uku kwezi uko ari 6 bakurikiranyweho gutangaza amakuru y’ibihuha agamijwe gukurura inzangano no guteza imvururu n’imidugararo muri rubanda bakoresheje imbuga nkoranyambaga.

Ingabire Victoire we yarabajijwe asubira iwe, azongera kwitaba ubugenzacyaha ku wa mbere.


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